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Online Catalog - Staple Set Brush Machines - model OT-14
large hole multi purpose brush machine, dual heads with three drills and table shift for continuous production. push brooms 24" end to end, window brushes, bi level, counter dusters, low flare gong fender brushes and scrubs. 30 and 36" push brooms done in half. quick change table tooling to go from a push broom to bi level within 5 minutes. 1/8" / 3.1 mm hole size up to over 3/8" / 9.5 mm drill hole. picker and stock box standard stroke for 3" / 76.2 mm to 9.5" / 241.3 mm bundles of filament. single / double stock box construction. maximum trim available 4.5" 114.3 mm with standard stroke. long stroke hardware is optional for upright European tyle brooms. 190 RPM or 380 tuts per minute. 5 axis machine for a wide range of pattern options.

Hole Chart Reference Guide for Staple Set machines.

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